Meet the team

Four offices. 20 nationalities. 100 friends and counting. Club kids. Data nerds. Bouquet designers. Photographers. Calm coders. Crazy designers. At bloomon, we’ve got every personality to match the pace. Spread out across Amsterdam, London, Berlin, and Taiwan, we’re a close group of colleagues. Some of us might not know every little detail about flowers (okay, we’re learning!), but we do have one thing in common: we’re all passionate about what we do. And we can prove it.
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This is bloomon. You belong here.

Who we are

bloomon was founded in 2014 when three rebels – a flower fan, a supply whiz, and a number-cruncher – got together to turn the flower industry on its head. From a dining room table in Amsterdam, we’re now bringing our beautiful bouquets to homes in five countries. World, here we come!

What we love

We love to test. We love to learn. We love to optimise. Beers on Friday evening. Table tennis after lunch. Random air hockey tournaments. We love creativity. Open minds. Free spirits. Smart kids. Cool kids. We love open windows. Too much coffee. Polaroids. Oh, and our rooftop terrace is pretty much like family.

What we stand for

We make art and science come together. In fact, we’re all about acting on a greater plan. Think big, win big. We seek challenge. Even if we don’t score on our first try, we do it better every day. And we always look on the bright side – no matter what.

What we want

Simply put: We want to spread happiness. And we want to do it together. Diversity is our strength. There is no push without pull. No spark without friction. No yin without yang. At the end of the day, we’re all running in the same direction to make our customers and colleagues smile every day.